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With the rains approaching in full force, it is important to know how to take care of your Tyres to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. Here are a few tips to maintain Tyre safety during this time of the year:

Check Your Tread Depth

One of the first things to keep in mind for weather in which roads are wet and slippery is proper maintenance of tread depth. Treads are the grooves and ridges on your Tyres that provide traction on the road to keep your car from skidding off. In wet weather, the water forms a layer between the Tyre and the road, reducing friction. In this case the danger of sliding increases significantly, and hence tread depth becomes that much more important a factor in staying safe, as the treads help to expel water from the contact surface of the Tyre and the road. Accidents due to aquaplaning, or a build-up of water in front of the Tyres that causes our vehicle to skid and you to lose control over steering, become common. To check that your Tyres have adequate depth, try placing a 20p coin into the grooves. If the edge of the coin is visible, your Tyre may be too worn down to be driven safely, and have to be checked by a professional.

Check the Air Pressure

It is very important to neither overinflate nor under-inflate your Tyres. The side of the Tyres does mention a number, but that is the maximum upper limit of pressure for the Tyre, and not the recommended air pressure for the vehicle. The correct air pressure will have been provided by the vehicle manufacturer on the glove box door, fuel door or the edge of the vehicle’s doors, as well as being specified in the owner’s manual.

Maintain Caution on the Roads

The rains are not a good time to show off your driving showmanship skills- in fact, the more solemn and understated your driving, the better in this weather! Driving slowly always provides better traction. The first rains cause roads to become especially slippery, and extra caution is required during the first half-hour after a wet spell. Skidding and aquaplaning are both common occurrences during this time, and it is important to know how to deal with both. While experiencing aquaplaning, do not turn or brake suddenly. Simply ease your foot off the accelerator and let the car slow down until you can feel the road in contact with your Tyres again. Similarly, if you are skidding, put pressure firmly and steadily onto the brakes, and steer your car in the direction it is skidding, until you regain control. Driving in the Tyre tracks of the car in front of you is an effective way to avoid both.

With tyre prices always going up, you’ll want to find the best quality at the lowest price because finding a better quality tyre is most likely to save you from having to spend more sooner to replace it. So make sure you go with a trusted tyre dealer near you or that is able to deliver to your area in Australia.

And- it seems too obvious to mention, but do make sure to get your cheap tyres Melbourne checked by a professional if these simple remedies are not providing desired results! We hope this list helps you stay safe this rainy season.