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Wheel and tyre packages are a good way to give your vehicle a unique look, but there are so many choices that it can be hard to find the set that works best with your current setup. When looking for wheels and tyres you should consider function first, and use the tips below to guide you in your selection.

Look at the Sidewalls

When looking for a wheel and tyre set, you’ll probably look at the tyres first, and the best way to find out about tyres is to look at the sidewalls. You’ll find the service description code, which tells you what type of vehicle the tyre is designed for. For instance, a P service code means that the tyre is designed just for passenger cars. After the service code, you’ll find the tyre width in millimeters.

Following the tyre width, you’ll find a slash followed by more numbers, which give the tyre’s aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the percentage resulting from a comparison of the tyre’s height and width, and a lower number indicates better handling. After the aspect ratio comes a letter indicating internal construction. You’ll also find information on wheel and rim diameter, load rating and speed rating.

Appearance and Style

After you’ve given a great deal of consideration to the function of a wheel and tyre package, you should think about style as well. Changing a car’s wheel and tyre size is one of the easiest ways to change its appearance, and the simplest way to ensure that there are no compatibility issues is to buy wheels and tyres as a set. Consider buying alloy custom rims rather than steel wheels because alloys offer better tyre deflection when cornering, and they reduce the amount of road noise you hear. Alloys and chrome rims are also more efficient at cooling your brakes, which can be important in hot conditions and for high-speed driving.

Getting Custom wheels and tyre packages from a trusted rims shop is an easy way to improve the looks and other characteristics of your vehicle, and they can increase its value should you ever decide to sell. When choosing wheels and tyres for your car, consider function, style and appearance. You’ll find the right set without spending too much or causing problems down the road.